Individual/Family Legal Plan

All For Just $144.00 Per Year!

Legal Club of America® is changing the way Americans access the legal system.  You and your entire family will have access to the nation's only proprietary attorney network that will provide you with free and deeply discounted legal care.  Protect yourself and your family.  Most legal matters can be settled with nothing more than a FREE phone call or letter written on your behalf by one of our plan member attorneys.  It's time for all Americans to embrace the legal system and learn to make consistent use of qualified attorneys who can help them navigate their way through life's unexpected legal matters.  Protection your family cannot afford to be without!

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you can contact your attorney immediately for any legal need you may encounter:

  • To review any lease or rental agreement.

  • Help with a dispute regarding a product or service.

  • When buying a home.

  • When contemplating divorce.

  • When dealing with child custody issues.

  • When confronted with overwhelming debt.

You get the point ... our network of attorneys practice all areas of law!

When you become a member of Legal Club you will be referred to a local attorney based on three criteria: area of law, language spoken and location.  However, you may use as many plan attorneys as necessary ... practicing any area of law ... anywhere in the country ... as often as you like.

Membership includes you, your spouse, and any dependents 23 years of age or younger. 

Nine Free Services

Each attorney will provide Legal Club members with:

  • Unlimited initial phone consultations for each new legal matter.

  • Unlimited initial face-to-face consultations for each new legal matter.

  • Review of important legal documents (6 page maximum).

  • A free simple will with free annual update.

  • A web based free living will.

  • Assist members in preparing to represent themselves in small claims court.

  • Assistance in solving members problems with government programs.
         (i.e. INS, Welfare, FEMA, Medicare and Medicaid)

  • Write an initial letter on the members behalf when appropriate.

  • Make an initial phone call on the members behalf when appropriate.

Each of these free services is provided by our plan attorneys to our members, without limitation for each new legal matter.

Discounted Fee Schedule*

Legal Services

Legal Club Member Rate

Non-Member Rate

Traffic Ticket Defense



Chapter 7 Bankruptcy



Name Change



Simple Will w/Trust



Non-Support of Spouse or Child



Simple Divorce



Regular Incorporation



Personal Real Estate Closing



The last column represents the estimated fees of these services to people seeking
legal counsel outside plan rates.  This is merely an outline of coverage, please refer
to the Plan Member Guidebook for complete explanation of privileges.
* The fees listed above do not include additional filing fees, costs or administrative
expenses.  They are only for the legal services rendered.

Capped Hourly Rates

Legal Club plan attorneys have contracted to either charge $125.00 per hour, or when appropriate, give members a 40% discount off their usual and customary hourly rate.  No competitor in the nation can make this claim or match us.  After the free letters, calls and consultations take place, members and their attorneys will have to decide what course of action to take next.  In most cases, members will have no choice and litigation may ensue.  This is the point in time that Legal Club plan attorneys charge either the $125.00 hourly rate or give a 40% discount off their usual and customary hourly rate.  Our competitors in the legal expense insurance business offer their members a 25% discount off normal hourly rates.  In California, Florida, Texas, New York and most major cities, this will leave their members paying well over $200.00 per hour for extended legal care.  The savings with Legal Club could be thousands of dollars.  In fact, competitors required retainers alone could be thousands more than Legal Club because retainers are figured using the attorney's hourly rate and estimated time needed to service the member.

Contingency Fee Discounts

Attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis on cases such as personal injury and collections.  This fee is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount collected or awarded.  In some cases, fee maximums are set by law.  In these matters, member's fees will be a 10% reduction of the state maximum rate or the attorney's usual rate, whichever is lower.

Law Areas Included

All areas of law are included in our plan.  Legal Club does not exclude any type of law area.  Many legal expense insurance products have waiting periods, pre-existing condition exclusions and limitations on usage.  This is due to the fact that they have financial exposure to usage, just the same way an HMO does.  As such, many types of law areas are excluded in their plans.  Legal Club has no such exposure and as such, takes the opposite approach and encourages usages.  In fact, 80% of all new members use their Legal Club plan within the first 90 days of joining.

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